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Honing & Restoration Services

A properly honed and sharpened razor is the key to great straight razor shaves. After a period of time your straight razor needs to be honed as it will lose it's sharpness and become dull. The razor will start to pull, feel harsh on your face, and barely cut any hair with nothing but razor burn, nicks and cuts as a result. Most, if not all new razors will not come shave ready when initially purchased. Depending on daily use and beard type, a straight razor will normally become dull and need to be re-sharpened several times a year. I offer a honing and sharpening service for new and/or used straight razors. I am proud to provide the finest shaving edge possible on virtually any razor. My many years of experience in sharpening all different styles and brands of razors makes me confident to care for your razor. Click or scroll down to order your honing service.

Tired of those old plastic, bakelite or celluloid straight razor handles? Are the original scales damaged or destroyed? Want or need to restore your scales or razor blade? Do you have a family heirloom razor in need of restoration? Rust, pitting or stains on the blade? Would you love to have custom made razor scales? Does the blade need some work? Look no further. I can restore and custom make scales for your beloved and cherished straight razor with a choice of different materials. I also offer full regrinds, mostly for the heavier grinds, from wedges to 1/4 hollow (when applicable).

You can contact me for any information and questions regarding restoration services.   

Please browse our , scales optionsbefore and after pics of restorations, and custom made work of various straight, vintage, antique or recent razors. Please also read questions and answers on our FAQ page. In addition read up on our 'shaving 101' articles about everything shaving related.


Handmade Fine Jewelry Creations

I offer elegant, stylish and timeless fine silver and gold jewelry. All my work is handcrafted in my studio in Las Vegas. All jewelry will be offered in either Sterling Silver 925, Fine Silver or Gold. I try to make timeless and classic jewelry that will last a lifetime if properly taken care off. Some of the rings I make are an alternative to the traditional approach of wedding jewelry. It can be worn as a unisex, wedding, engagement or fashion statement ring. It's ready to wear in your everyday life.  

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