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A razor with a blade that can fold into its handle is called a straight razor, sometimes also called cut-throat or open razors. Straight razors were once the principal method of manual shaving. Straight razors still hold a huge market share with many forums and outlets providing you with all the information and help needed. There is also an active market for antique, vintage and restored straight razor collectibles. They do however require some skill to maintain, hone, strop and use correctly.

I offer several vintage straight razors, custom or original for sale. I always try to choose from a variety of models and different prices to suit everyone. Some will be fifty years old or less - some a hundred years old or more. All our straight razors come pre honed, sterilized, polished and are always sold shave ready!

These razors can be used for your daily shaving routine or as a collectors item. I try to offer really nice, clean and excellent shavers! All my vintage razors go through a thorough inspection. I guarantee all my razors to be honed, shave ready and manually inspected.

Also being offered are new or barely used shaving gear like shaving brushes, DE or SE razors, Soaps and Creams,...

The Vintage & Used Shaving Gear on this page are Ready to Ship.