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Max Sprecher Jewelry - Carnelian Silver Ring

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Carnelian has been found in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Iceland, Britain, Brazil, Uruguay and Peru, but much of the best Carnelian stone comes from India from which some of the most beautiful Carnelian jewelry is made.

Its color is orange but varies in shade from the bright clear orange to dark orange even through to a reddish brown, grey, red, pale orange or pink. It’s various shades of red are due to the presence of iron oxide.

Carnelian is an agate class of chalcedony that is a stone of creativity, individuality and courage. Like all agates, it has protection energies. It powers protection, peace, eloquence, healing and courage. Carnelian was worn on the hand in ancient Egypt to still anger, as well as jealousy, envy, and hatred. It is still used to promote peace and harmony and to dispel depression as well.
Carnelian is said to assist in stimulating creativity. It seems to have a clearing effect, dispelling negative energies as it replaces them with positive ones.

Carnelian Metaphysical Properties
August Birthstone
Zodiac: Taurus, Leo
Element: Sun
Number Vibration: Numerology 4
Chakras: Root Chakra (1st), Sacral (2nd)


The carnelian ring setting diameter measures 12.70mm.
The height of the stone setting measures 6.5mm high.
The hammered ring band is 2.00mm wide and 1.50mm thick.
The ring band is made from tarnish resistant sterling silver and the backing is made of 925 sterling silver. The bezel wall is made of fine silver.


The carnelian is a 10mm round cut stone.


The featured and pictured ring in this listing is a size 7 1/2 and ready to ship however I can easily stretch it larger by half a size.


This elegant and timeless handmade ring make for a great gift ring, anniversary ring, gift idea, stone ring, gemstone jewelry, carnelian stone ring or gemstone ring.

We sell all rings in US ring sizes. I recommend you go into a jewelry store to obtain your accurate ring size. Don't second guess your ring size. I don't recommend using a tape measure, plastic ring sizers or online printable ring sizers. I depend on you, the customer, to provide us with the correct size so please do not estimate or guess. Don't second guess your ring size.

It takes many hours to hand make a ring from scratch so it is best to be sure of your size. Once the ring has been stretched the sale is final and the ring cannot be returned.

Thank you for understanding.

Shipping is USPS Priority $9.00 Flat Rate USA only (aut. added at checkout)
Upgraded Insurance Available

International Orders ship USPS Priority with tracking and insured up to $200.00

6 - 12 business days (varies per destination)

For more information contact us

💍 Carnelian Silver Ring

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