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10K Gold & Silver Aquamarine Pendant

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This natural aquamarine is set in solid 10K gold with a fine silver backing and tarnish resistant silver bail. It measures 17.7mm wide(3/4 inch) by 19.3mm tall (3/4 inch), including the bail. The aquamarine gem is 6.33 carats. It comes with a sparkling sterling silver bead chain that is 18 inches long. This pendant would look beautiful with either a silver or gold chain from your collection.


Aquamarine evokes the purity of crystalline waters, and the exhilaration and relaxation of the sea. The name Aquamarine comes from the Latin aqua marinus, meaning "water of the sea," and refers to its sparkling ocean-like color. Aquamarine is a blue to green-blue variety of precious beryl. The beryl group of minerals is most famous for chromium-rich, green emerald, which happens to be one of the 'precious four' gems of the world. In the past, the most valued aquamarine stones were green. The healing properties relate to the colors of green and blue, that of the heart and throat chakras.

This beautiful and serene, organically shaped, light sea green Aquamarine pendant reminds me of clear coastal waters along the shore. The pale greenish blue hues look lighter or darker according to the lighting for a shimmering effect when you move. Completely shaped and polished by hand, it has a unique and ethereal quality to it and is truly one of a kind.



10K Gold & Silver Aquamarine Pendant

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