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8/8 Cornetta - Gebr. Weyersberg Solingen Germany

This razor is being offered for sale from a seller under consignement. It is in my possesion and ready to ship.

This is a vintage razor from the 1950's in gorgeous condition. I don't think it was even used much.

Gebr. Weyersberg Solingen Germany
Corneta 6016
15/16, half round, full hollow
Etching is in perfect condition.
Razor comes as is without any cardbox.

The company was situated at Wilhemstrasse 29 in Solingen-Ohligs and was founded in 1778, entering the Solingen register as a normal company in 1868 and as a forging company in 1888. They had a large variety of makers marks and found their way on and off the register a number of times, presumably as old marks ceased to be used and new ones appeared. One of the oldest businesses in Solingen.

The razor is sold with the edge it was send to me. However I can hone the razor at no extra charge. Just make your choice when checking out.


Only 1 available

Shipping is USPS Priority $9.00 Flat Rate USA only (aut. added at checkout)Upgraded Insurance Available

Gebr. Weyersberg Razor・Corneta ・ 6016 ・ Germany

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