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Dovo 'Bismarck' straight razor

Updated: May 27, 2018

Dovo 'Bismarck' straight razor
Dovo 'Bismarck' straight razor

This classic straight razor design is a faithful recreation of a popular model from time gone by. The "Bismarck" Straight Razor, Pearl Acrylic, 6/8". Interestingly enough I measured the distance from the top of the spine to the bottom of the edge to be a smudge under 7/8.

This is a quality high carbon steel, fully hollow ground blade that has been hand-filed with heavy 24K gold plating. Spine to tang to tail is laser engraved and washed with gold with the "Bismarck" logo etched on the front side of the hollow grind.

The Dovo Bismarck razor comes in sleek looking black ebony scales with embossed gold 'Solingen' logo or with sturdy imitation white pearl scales that show a subtle iridescence . They are excellent razors for beginners or seasoned straight razor users.

Dovo razors come standard with a factory edge but are nowhere near a true professionally honed razor's edge. Having honed thousands of factory send Dovo razors I advise you to either purchase the razor from a reputable store that sells the razor as 'shave ready' or you can order a honing service straight from my web site to have it professionally honed/sharpened especially if you are starting out with your first straight razor shave.

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