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Honing Service - USA only 

Return Shipping is USPS Priority $9.00

Upgraded Insurance Available

Contact us for an international shipping quote

Locals or visitors are always welcome to drop off their razor(s). Please contact me first to give me a heads up.


Razors we do not accept which are on our blacklist (Honing Service FAQ)


Razors are send out in a timely manner with a prompt return as I always try to prioritize honing in between my workload.


Thank You for your continued trust in handling your razor(s).

* Info About Insurance

In case disaster strikes and you have opted for the optional insurance, I will need a copy of an original invoice/sales receipt from the item(s) you have insured.

USPS does not pay a claim higher than an item's actual value.

This means you cannot insure for ex. $300.00 if the item is only worth $100.00. So inflating your insured value does not add any benefits only a waste of insurance cost.




  • Send your razor(s) to:


    Madaspen Home c/o Max Sprecher

    7513 Evening Melody Ct

    Las Vegas, NV 89178


    The checkout price does not include shipping for delivery to our shop and is the responsibility of the sender.

    We recommend using a secure and sturdy shipping box.

    Try to avoid bubble lined, kraft or padded envelopes. 


    Please include a copy of your receipt with your razors.


    The shipping you select and pay for at checkout will be the choice of return shipping to you.




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