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Boker 'The Celebrated' straight razor

Updated: May 27, 2018

Boker 'The Celebrated'
Boker 'The Celebrated'

I've recently started receiving a new batch of Boker 'The Celebrated' straight razors for honing and I was pleasantly surprised at the nice edge it produces and the better, overall quality from Boker that had some issues in the past but is slowly starting to produce more consistent and nicely ground razors. They are definitely stepping up their game.

The razor is a reissue of one the most famous models in in the long history of Boker straight razor. Featured in the 1906 product catalogue of Boker USA.

'The Celebrated' razor comes in several wood offerings although the one featured has finely grained Bocote wooden scales. It comes with a nice stiff hollow grind and 'The Celebrated'etching in black. Although they are sold as 5/8 I measured them to be 11/16 so that's a nice bonus. The other wood version offered by Boker are ebony and olive wood. They are made from carbon steel and take a really good edge. They are affordable and excellent razors for beginners or seasoned straight razor users.

Boker razors come standard with a factory edge and are nowhere near a true professionally honed razor's edge. I advise you to either purchase the razor from a reputable store that sells the razor as 'shave ready' or you can order a honing service straight from my web site to have it professionally honed/sharpened especially if you are starting out with your first straight razor shave.

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