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Boker 'Schwarzgold'

Boker The Celebrated Curly Birch
Boker Schwarzgold

Boker never ceases to amaze me with their new offerings. They are bare none the best new production company on the market today. They are consistent in their quality compared to a few other major companies that don't seem to care. Not every razor will be perfect and some will have the loose scales or bad grind but Boker has the least amount of what I have encountered.

The 'Schwarzgold' is a nice extra full hollow, aka singing razor, straight end with spike point, blade coated in 24k gold with Ruthenium. Ruthenium metal looks like platinum but is rarer, harder, and more brittle. Scales are dark bog oak. The razor uses 1.2210 carbon steel and although listed at 6/8 it measure a healthy 7/8. The discrepancy lies in the fact that some measure from the edge to the top side of the grind. I measure from the top of the spine to the edge, which IMO is the correct way as it gives a correct total width of the razor. What if you have a razor that's 8/8 (1") in width but you only grind halfway the width. Are you going to call it a 4/8? No, it's still considered a 8/8 however technically you could say with an 8/8 with a 4/8 grind. Needles to say, it shaves extremely well.

These are high end razors for beginners or seasoned straight razor users that take a fine edge when properly honed. Boker razors come standard with a factory edge but are nowhere near a true professionally honed razor's edge. I advise you to either purchase the razor from a reputable store that sells the razor as 'shave ready' or you can order a honing service straight from my web site to have it professionally honed/sharpened especially if you are starting out with your first straight razor shave.

Boker The Celebrated Curly Birch
Boker Schwarzgold

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