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Boker Premium Selection - Tortoise Shell

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

Boker Premium Selection - Tortoise Shell
Boker Premium Selection - Tortoise Shell

This is one of two straight razors from the Boker Premium Selection. The elaborately worked handles, made from either mother of pearl or faux tortoise shell are milled from the full material in the Boker manufactory in Solingen, and look deceptively similar to the authentic natural materials. The nickel silver inlays further underline the elaborate production and refinement of the handles and blades.

The predecessor of this popular Boker faux tortoise shell 6/8 model was clearly upgraded with partial gilding, decorated blade back, nickel silver inlay, and serration on both sides. The third pin provides additional stability although I find a third pin mostly an aesthetic add-on with no real advantage.

Boker has really stepped up their game and knocked this one out of the park. The razor is flawless and gorgeous. It's a full hollow that measures 7/8 although it's being advertised as 6/8. The 24K gold wash is immaculate. It takes a very fine edge and I consider this a singing blade. Two thumbs up. It's really showing how Dovo is lagging behind in both fit and finish and how Boker is improving their dominance in the shaving world.

These are high end razors for beginners or seasoned straight razor users that take a fine edge when properly honed. Boker razors come standard with a factory edge but are nowhere near a true professionally honed razor's edge. I advise you to either purchase the razor from a reputable store that sells the razor as 'shave ready' or you can order a honing service straight from my web site to have it professionally honed/sharpened especially if you are starting out with your first straight razor shave.

Boker Faux Tortoise

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