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Boker Elite Carbon SE

Boker Elite Carbon SE

Tradition meets the modern age. At the end of the 19th century, especially extravagant straight razors were sold under the brand 'Boker Elite'.

Boker continues this tradition with this exceptional line of straight razors. The handle scales of these impressive models are CNC-milled from a block of the high tech material carbon fiber, and the massive 6/8" blade features and beveled spine with notches. There are 2 Elite version razors with carbon fiber available. The Boker Elite Carbon and the Boker Elite Carbon SE.

The new Special Edition of this extravagant Elite Carbon features three additional attributes compared to the standard Elite. The elaborate ground, wave shaped spine emphasizes the special design of the 6/8" blade in combination with a Spanish point . The carbon fiber scales are curved and hand shaped to give the scales a more sleek and less blocky look.

It's a full hollow that measures 7/8 although it's being advertised and sold as 6/8. I find the scales less bulky as opposed to the more square version of the basic Boker Elite but bulky none the less. Scales were floppy and could have been tighter. Overall the scales are nice but they are not very refined however if you fancy a durable set of scales, carbon fiber will fit the bill. The thumb-notch is very nice as are the jimps on top of the tang, beveled spine and Spanish Point. It's a very nice razor that doesn't score on the scales for me personally but will deliver an excellent shave.

These are high end razors for beginners or seasoned straight razor users that take a fine edge when properly honed. Boker razors come standard with a factory edge but are nowhere near a true professionally honed razor's edge. I advise you to either purchase the razor from a reputable store that sells the razor as 'shave ready' or you can order a honing service straight from my web site to have it professionally honed/sharpened especially if you are starting out with your first straight razor shave.

Boker Elite Carbon SE

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