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Max Sprecher


Being raised in the cosmopolitan city of Antwerp, Belgium I was surrounded by an aesthetic feel of history, art and design. With my father being an interior architect and designer, it didn't take long to understand the intense love, dedication and appreciation that went into quality design, fine craftsmanship and art.


Straight Razors and shaving has been a passion of mine for over 40 years now. I bought my first straight razor at the age of 18 and collected vintage razors throughout my life.  It's a passion that throughout the years has grown into restorations, re-scaling, custom made razors and honing services.

I started my career in the diamond industry where I first polished diamonds for 3 years and then spend 12 years cleaving diamonds.. After having travelled all around the world for close to 18 years with a career in the high end fashion world, I had come up with my own personal vision to introduce my collection of custom straight razors in 2008.  


Max Sprecher Custom Straight Razors have set the bar in the industry for  innovation, trendsetting designs and a very high standard of quality.

I offer honing services, restoration services on vintage or new production razors, and custom made straight razors, made in the U.S.A. These razors are all 100% handmade in my workshop by profiling and cutting bare metal, forging, master grinding, heat treating, quenching, tempering, final grinding, hand sanding and creating scales. Each razor gets my full attention.


Elegance, tradition, a timeless quality, style, the avant-garde, an eye for detail, form, function and excellent craftsmanship are my main objectives when working on any of my custom straight razors.

Customers that know me understand that I am a perfectionist, don't rush into things, and take as much time as needed to perfect my work. For me it is an art form, not a mass produced factory item that has no soul. The passion for straight razors and the positive feedback I receive from my customers is what keeps me going. 

In addition you can also find me on Facebook and Instagram.


My press page can be found here.

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