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Wade & Butcher - 9/8 - The Celebrated - Sheffield

This is a vintage razor from the mid to late 1880's in beautiful condition considering the age and sought after status for collectors and shavers alike.
Wade & Butcher 'The Celebrated' Sheffield
It's shy of a 9/8, half hollow
The scales are streaked horn. 
Shows some small black spots, left and right, mostly on the monkey tail, tang and spine but the hollow ground itself is in real healthy condition. 


The razor is sold as is with the edge it was send to me. It does shave some hair from my forearm but I cannot list this razor as shave-ready. You can order a honing service with the razor if you want to razor to be fully shave-ready.

Shipping is USPS Priority $7.05 Flat Rate USA only (aut. added at checkout)
Upgraded Insurance Available
Shipping available for International Orders (contact us)

Wade & Butcher - 9/8 - The Celebrated - Sheffield

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