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Max Sprecher Razors・Micro Razor・7/8・Barber's Notch・Suminagashi・Aqua Glass・Made in USA

Max Sprecher | Premier Line

This is a custom razor made in the USA.
Pricing includes USA shipping

International Orders ship USPS Priority with tracking and insured up to $200.00

6 - 12 business days (varies per destination)

For added insurance if required contact us


Micro Razor

Cutting Edge: 1.70"

1/4 Hollow
Barber's Notch


Aqua Glass acrylic scales with recon stone tapered wedge
Steel: Suminagashi White Steel
Comes shave ready. 


Suminagashi is a Japanese multilayer white steel (made by HITACHI company based in Yasugi, Japan) and is made from high-quality iron sand using smelting methods, with a composition that comes close to that used frequently in Japanese swords (Katana).

The edge is a high carbon core which has been forged with multiple layers (22 layers) of softer steel folded on either side.


Micro Razor・7/8・Barber's Notch・Suminagashi・Aqua Glass

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