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Juan Vollmer - Palmera 14 - 15/16 - Spain

This razor is being offered for sale from a seller under consignement. It is in my possesion and ready to ship.


This is a Palmera 14 / Juan Vollmer / Spain from the mid+ 1900's. For many considered one of the holy grail razors.


This razor is really in excellent condition for its age. The Palmera 14 are very rare, hard to find and rarely if ever show up especially in such stellar condition. The whole razor is just splendid looking. This is not only a beautiful shaver but also a sought after collectable. The blade is closing to the right, but barely touching the scale side. The tang is not warped or bend and scales are for the most part straight but one of the pivot holes in the scales is offset by a mm or 2 compared to the adjacent scale hole, hence guiding the blade sideways. In layman terms, the holes at the pivot, in the scales, are not fully aligned to each other.



Half hollow

Razor comes as is without cardbox.


Palmera was founded in 1934 in Spain when Juan Vollmer bought a straight razor factory in Irun, Guipuzcoa (Spain) and received authorisation to use the PALMERA trade mark (In 1864 the PALMERA trademark was first registered in Solingen, Germany).They have always been the main competitor in Spain to Filarmonica.


The razor comes with the edge it was send to me however I can hone the razor at no extra charge or leave as is. Just let me know when checking out.


Only 1 available


Shipping is USPS Priority $9.00 Flat Rate USA only (aut. added at checkout)

Upgraded Insurance Available

Juan Vollmer - Palmera 14 - 15/16 - Spain

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