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Eudialyte Sterling Silver Pendant

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Eudialyte is a rare cyclosilicate mineral which was discovered in 1819 in the Julianehaab district of Greenland. It is a popular mineral in collections however due to its attractive and distinctive colors. Eudialyte's colors are quite pleasant and give the collector an all-together attractive and rare mineral. It can show distinctive colors of a red-violet, magenta, red, pink, blue, yellow and an attractive brown. Much of the eudialyte on the market today comes from the Kola Peninsula, Russia and one would be fortunate to add to one's collection of fine minerals from this wonderful site.

This magnificent Eudialyte comes from Kola Peninsula, Russia.


The Eudialyte pendant measures 44.00mm x 25.00mm (not including the bail) and 6.75mm thick. The total weight of the silver pendant without the chain is 0.58oz / 16.44gm. The bezel is made of fine silver and the rest of the gemstone necklace has been set in sterling silver. It has a polished finish. It comes with a 20" 'made in Italy', sterling silver chain. It is a very unique and chic Eudialyte Silver Necklace that's both timeless and beautiful to wear.


Surface fissures occur naturally in the stone and are created during the rock’s formation. They’re not considered a defect, but an inevitable feature that often adds to the natural beauty. Fissures will not of themselves impair or affect the integrity of the stone.


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Eudialyte Sterling Silver Pendant

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