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Escher & Co. Razor-Hone - Germany

This Escher waterhone is being offered for sale from a seller under consignement. It is in my possesion and ready to ship.


For sale is a vintage Escher & Co, thuringian dark blue waterhone in a special edition called “Rasierstube / Barber Shop. The original Escher label inside the box looks pristine. The box shows old age wear and tear. These Escher stones were sold under  a company called Bösenberg Trinks & Co (B. T. Co.) 


Given the nature of the item sold (damage or breakage), 'no insurance' is not an option. Insurance will be added by default.


After close magnification I was able to decypher, to the best of my abilities, the following on the front and backide of the box.


B. T. Co. 




Nº 465 / 5 x 2?2?

with rubber




5"L x 2.5"W x 0.850" height/thickness


2.5" x 0.815" x 0.870"


Thuringian Water Razor Hones are a classic German water razor hone that has been highly regarded for over 200 years. Each stone is quarried in the Thuringia region around Sonneberg, with quarries in various locations such as Steinach, Steinheid, and Goldisthal.

Known for their exceptional sharpening abilities, these razor hones have been a staple in the industry since the 14th century. Thuringian water hones were exported all around the world. Many retailers sold the stones under their own trademark. In the US, Sears Roebruck, Gustav Knecht M.F.G. Barber Suplies, Theo A. Koch were some of the larger companies selling the stones, as did many small barbershops and suply stores.


Escher is known as one of the most important exporter and trader of Thuringian water razor hones. The company was founded in 1789 by Johann Gottfried Escher from Sonneberg. 


They are probably the most well known water razor hones in the world. They give consistent results and are very easy to use. Perfect for maintaining the sharpness of your straight razor.


Escher & Co. Razor-Hones are a must-have for any traditional shaving enthusiast. Add this timeless and reliable sharpening tool to your collection today.



Shipping is USPS Priority $9.00 Flat Rate USA only (aut. added at checkout)

Upgraded Insurance Available

For more information contact us


Escher & Co. Razor-Hone - Germany

  • You can place your order with USPS Express Int, but since I have no way of adding the UPS Worldwide as a shipping option I can upgrade you at no charge to UPS worldwide which usually takes between 2 and 5 business days to arrive. USPS Express Int can easily take up to 4 weeks or longer.

    If you want the UPS upgrade please leave me a note when checking out or send me an e-mail.

    Custom duties, import taxes and UPS handling fee are the buyers responsibility.

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