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Dubl Duck  Goldedge - 13/16 - Tropical Yellow - Pearlduck - Germany

I am selling several vintage razors from a collector in Switzerland.
This is a vintage Dubl Duck Goldedge from the mid 1900's.
It was NIB but I opened it to take pictures so now it's NOS. Unfortunately the cracked ice scales were totally warped and unusable. So the razor was re-scaled in tropical yellow acrylic. The razor has never been shaved with or honed except the initial edge put on at the factory which is pretty much blunt. Although the original cardbox says it's an 6/8 I measured it and it comes out at just over 13/16. The Goldwash and blue lettering are pristine as is the rest of the razor. This razor is a real bargain for one of the finest full hollow razors ever produced.

Dubl Duck - Pearlduck - Germany
13/16, Round Point, Full Hollow


Pearlduck, 97 - 35 Allendale Street Jamaica 35 N.Y. Trademark: "Dubl Duck" ca. 1947 - 1952

The razor comes as is with the factory edge but I can make the razor shave ready at no extra charge. Just leave me a note when checking out.

Shipping is USPS Priority $6.85 Flat Rate USA only (aut. added at checkout)
Upgraded Insurance Available
Shipping available for International Orders (contact us)

Dubl Duck Goldedge - 13/16 - Tropical Yellow - Pearlduck - Germany

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