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9/8・Barber's Notch・Red Garnet・Fordite・Red Pearl Kirinite

Max Sprecher | Premier Line

This is a custom razor made in the USA

Pricing includes USA shipping



1/2 Hollow

Barber's Notch

2.75" cutting edge


Scalloped spine with a 4mm 0.35ct faceted red Garnet gemstone set in sterling silver

Upper tang with Fordite inlay

Scalloped upper monkey tail

Kirinite Red Pearl Kirinite scales


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Comes shave ready. 


This hand made razor is ready to ship without the waiting time and is ready to ship. You can place a custom order if you would like a similar or different straight razor made if it's not available anymore. Order placed on Friday are shipped the following Monday.


I can easily mute the tip of the Barber's Notch. Just make your choice from the drop down when checking out.


Red Garnet

Garnet traces its roots to the Nile Delta in 3100 B.C., where Egyptian artisans crafted the gemstone into beads or laid them into hand-wrought jewelry..

Noah supposedly used a Garnet lantern for light as he steered the Ark at night time, so goes the famous tale. The stone was widely used by the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans primarily for jewelry though the stone was also seen as a protector of anyone wearing it.

They maintained their popularity through the Ages and were extensively used for Bohemian jewelry in the 18Th and 19th centuries; they were very fashionable in Victorian times though this was still very much the red Garnet.

Garnet is found in almost corner of the Earth, and its special color variations are region-specific.
Red garnet remains the most abundant and well-known type of this gemstone.

Red garnets are part of the pyrope family of garnets. They feature a red that can rival rubies. 


Kirinite is known as the next-generation high grade acrylic. Kirinite is extremely tough if not tougher than Corian™. It's very durable and maintenance free.




Fordite, also known as Detroit agate or Motor City agate is a manmade material that came out of the assembly lines of the Ford Motor Co.  The process that created fordite is no longer in use. Fordite is notable for the way it displays "the history of the American automotive industry," both to illustrate the changing colors of car paint as well as the transformation and disappearance of the Ford motor factories in Detroit.


In the old days, cars were painted using hand-operated spray guns, and the overspray adhered to the racks, which were then run through the ovens with the cars. Many repetitions resulted in tens or hundreds of layers of oven-hardened paint. When the buildup got in the way, it was chipped off.


They found out the Fordite could easily be shaped and polished and could be used in many artistic applications. Jewelry made from fordite is often fabulously patterned and colored.


A few of the old pieces are primarily black or brown, as most cars were painted these colors in the late 1940s. The colorful lacquers from the 1960s and the very bright acrylic colors from the late 1980s produce the more interesting showpieces. 


Each fordite piece is unique as there are no two alike. Every piece will have a different pattern/color.




9/8・Barber's Notch・Red Garnet・Fordite・Red Pearl Kirinite

  • You can place your order with USPS Express Int, but since I have no way of adding the UPS Worldwide as a shipping option I can upgrade you at no charge to UPS worldwide which usually takes between 3 and 5 business days to arrive. USPS Express Int can easily take up to 4 weeks or longer.

    If you want the UPS upgrade please leave me a note when checking out or send me an e-mail.

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