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9/8・Barber's Notch・Black & Gold-Lip・CF Twill

Max Sprecher | Premier Line

This is a custom razor made in the USA

Pricing includes USA shipping



1/2 Hollow

Barber's Notch

2.75" cutting edge


Spine Inlay with 4 genuine black-lip and 3 gold-lip shell

Scalloped Upper Tang + Tail 

Carbon Fiber Twill glosssy scales


Comes shave ready. 


I can easily mute the tip of the Barber's Notch point. Just make your choice from the drop down when checking out.


Pinctada Maxima is the largest and rarest of all pearl oysters. There are two different color varieties: the white-lipped oyster known as mother of pearl (MOP) and the gold-lipped oyster known as gold mother of pearl. It occurs naturally only in the warm tropical South Pacific waters of the Arafura Sea (off Northern Australia), Eastern and Northern Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar and Northern Thailand and to the east to Fiji and Tahiti.


Black-lip Mother of Pearl (Pinctada Margaritifera) is probably one of the most exclusive pearls in demand in todays inlay market. Black-lip comes from small shells found in French Polynesia around Tahiti and its Archipelagos.


This Carbon Fiber is comprised of a woven twill material throughout all of the layers of the laminate. It has a glossy finish on both sides. Tiny micro voids or pits on any carbon fiber finish (natural, satin or glossy) is normal when present and pretty much unavoidable. 



9/8・Barber's Notch・Black & Gold-Lip・CF Twill

  • You can place your order with USPS Express Int, but since I have no way of adding the UPS Worldwide as a shipping option I can upgrade you at no charge to UPS worldwide which usually takes between 3 and 5 business days to arrive. USPS Express Int can easily take up to 4 weeks or longer.

    If you want the UPS upgrade please leave me a note when checking out or send me an e-mail.

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