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Max Sprecher Razors・8/8-・Spanish Point・Fixed Handle Razor・Abalone・Made in USA

Max Sprecher | Fixed Handle Razor

This is a custom razor made in the USA.
8/8- ( 0.955")
1/4 hollow
Spanish Point
Polished Finish
Abalone Dotted Inlays
Steel: O1 - double tempered
Fixed Handle: Length 4.5"
Cutting Edge 2.25"
Comes shave ready.


This is a Western grind razor which means you can use the razor with both hands just like a traditional folding razor as opposed to a Japanese fixed handle (kamisori) which is limited to a one hand use due to the assymetrical grind making the shave more cumbersome and challenging.


8/8-・Spanish Point・Fixed Handle Razor・Abalone

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