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The return of the barber and the real wet shave

Whether in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Portland or Los Angeles, you can find them once again. The hairdressers who specialize in cutting and shaping men's beards and hair. Most barber shops have a special look, which is typical for our times, and has never before existed in this new form. It is a special mix of style elements for the 1920's to the 1960's, paired with large tattoos, beards, cuffed jeans, and tweed vests. The technical level is usually top notch and you can get a cold beer or even a shot of bourbon at many of them, but all of them seem to have a relaxed atmosphere in which one actually enjoys spending time. Some customers will even wait up to hours in some of the trendier shops. A few gems can also be found outside the major cities. The barber from the older generation who has been in business since the 1960's and has not forgotten the old tools, hair care products and their use.

Many men have a strong desire to learn the almost lost art of wet shaving with a forged straight razor, and be able to do it themselves. The skill used to be passed on quite naturally from father to son as it was applied on a daily basis. All you needed was a leather strop and straight razor. Today, many look at this way of shaving as a dangerous and awe-inspiring art, which only few have mastered. But actually, you just need a basic but select knowledge about stropping, sharpening stones, soaps or creams, shaving technique and a little bit of patience to enjoy your classic morning shave.

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