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Shaving Brush Maintenance

Updated: May 27, 2018

Simpson Tulip 4
Simpson Tulip 4

Prior to their first use, new brushes should be washed well using warm soapy water. After daily use, rinse the brush under clean, warm water. To dry, place the brush in its holder with the bristles facing down. Allow brush to dry thoroughly before storing, as wet and damp may damage the bristles.

Always be prepared for some hairs to come loose. It is quite natural when you start using your new badger shaving brush for a few loose hairs to come away from the brush in the first few weeks. In general these are shorter hairs that did not quite reach the glue base and this should not be a cause for concern. If the shedding continues after a few weeks, contact the vendor.

Personally I treat my badger shaving brushes just like I treat my own hair. Never use scolding hot water. Every so often I soak my shaving brush in lukewarm water and thoroughly wash the hairs with a neutral and daily hair shampoo. Rinse well. Fill a glass with water, some vinegar or borax and move your brush up and down in the solution for about a minute or two. Rinse well. Finalize with a small amount of hair conditioner, let it sit for several minutes, rinse well, dry the shaving brush and place the brush in its holder with the bristles facing down or lay it flat on a towel if you don't own a brush holder.

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