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Micro/Mini Line

MML: processing time 2 to 3 months
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Product Details
Processing Time: 2 to 3 Months

Micro and Mini are designed for trimming and shaving around those hard to get spots. Be it a goatee, mustache, side burns, or that small, unreachable trouble spot of beard growth that's hard to target with a regular sized razor. For a comfortable full shave I recommend at least a 2.25" with 2.00'' being the bare minimum. Curved is always preferred too for a full shave but like anything else that's all personal.

MICRO - Excels at Trimming and Grooming with a cutting edge of 1.50" - 1.75"

MINI - Excels at Trimming and Grooming or Full Shave with a cutting edge of 2.00" - 2.25"

When you purchase a Max Sprecher Micro Line Custom Razor, you will be paying for the base price of the razor without the upgrades. It is your choice if you would like to upgrade the razor using the options I have available such as scale material, file work or inlays. The MM Micro line comes in 2 different sizes. Micro has a cutting edge from 1.50" to 1.75". Mini has a cutting edge from 2.00" to 2.25". Razors are made from 01 tool steel which is the steel of choice for any straight razor.

If you order the hand engraved initials option, at checkout on the last page, under the payment option and pay now button, you can leave your 2 letter choice in the 'special notes' text box. If you missed it you can send me your choice by e-mail.

What is included:

  • Custom Straight Razor in Polished or Satin Finish
  • Choice of 15 Acrylic Colored Scales
  • Curved Design
  • Thumb Notch
  • Choice of Points Style: Barber's Notch, Spanish, French, Irish, Slider, Square Point, Half Round

Your Upgrade Choices:

  • Upgrade Choice to different Scale Materials (Shell, Kirinite,...)
  • Choice of Upgrade to File Work on the Spine, Tang or Both
  • Option to Upgrade to Inlays (full or partial) on Spine and Tang (Recon Stone, Opal, Shell,...)

Always wipe your razor clean and store it in a dry location. For better storage wipe the steel with a protective oil (ex. camelia oil, ballistol, mineral oil, baby oil, renaissance wax, vaseline, gun oil...)

I always recommend not closing the razor when you are done shaving as water and humidity can still be trapped between the razor scales. Let it open for at least 15 minutes or longer before storing away your razor so any water or humidity can evaporate.

For any Gold inlay work contact us for a quote as gold pricing fluctuates daily on the gold market.

For examples of razors, scales, file work or inlay materials you can check out my custom razor gallery and razor scales.

Pricing includes Free USA shipping

For international we will ship UPS Worldwide (3-5 business days)

The International shipping choices are insured against loss, damage, or missing contents up to $100.00 at no additional charge. Upgraded insurance available for International Orders (Contact Us)

Order Processing Time after you placed your order is 2 to 3 months (last updated July 2024)

For inlay materials not listed, questions or special requests, please contact me to discuss your options.

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