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Sē'bŭm・Purple・Shaving Soap

Sē'bŭm Purple (Lavender & Mint Julep


Up for grabs is a new 7oz luxury palm and nickel free Sē'bŭm Purple premium high end soap. This big jar will last you a very very long time as a little goes a long way. It is unobtainable as a single soap purchase through Sē'bŭm as you can only order the soap and post shave serum as a set. 


Sē'bŭm Purple is an all natural shaving soap only using saponified oils of kokum butter, Illipe butter, virgin red raspberry seed oil, and essential oil blend.


Made in USA


This item will only ship in the USA. 


Description from the Vendor


Sē'bŭm Aromatherapy Profile:


Our Lavender & Mint Julep Essential Oil Blend was formulated for its soothing, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory post-shave properties. Applys thinner than Sē'bŭm Gold and absorbs slightly faster. Perfect for warm weather and due to the naturally occuring salicylic acid in the blend it works well for oily skin also. From a scent perspective you will be calmed by a clean lavender breeze riding on a sharp menthol current that mellows into a sweet floral mint.


Sē'bŭm・Purple・Shaving Soap

  • Due to the fragile nature of this product (glass container) this item only ships within the USA. 



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