Giesen & Forsthoff Timor・Solingen・Double Edge Blades

Giesen & Forsthoff - Timor 'Solingen'


Giesen and Forsthoff’s own brand replacement safety razor blades, branded with their original “Timor” logo from the 1920’s. Timor blades are known for being long lasting and providing a smooth, close and comfortable shave. These stainless steel blades are ice-tempered for improved hardness and longevity. These wonderful double edge blades come in a lovely unwrapped plastic dispenser of which makes it convenient to dispose of the used blades in the back.  Each dispenser contains 10 individually wrapped blades


Made in Germany 'Solingen'


1 box of 20 tucks/10 = 200 blades


6 sold / 1 available


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G&F Timor・Solingen・Double Edge Blades

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