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Eiko・Yasuki Steel・13/16・Japan

Razor being sold on consignment . The razor is in my possesion and ready to ship.




For sale is a vintage Eiko kamisori style wedge razor made in Japan. They are made of Hitachi Yasuki steel which is the modern equivalent or industrially made version of Tamahagane steel made from iron sand.

Basically this means the steel is very pure, has a high carbon content and a very fine grain structure. Hitachi / Hitachi Metals Ltd., is one of the top manufacturers of high grade metalproducts in Japan. 


The scales are straight and the blade centers nicely. There are stains left and right but the edge is clean. For the steel being so pure it's very normal to see staining.


13/16 (0.830")

Near Wedge

2.250" cutting edge


The razor comes with the edge it was send to me however I can hone the razor at no extra charge or leave as is. Just let me know when checking out.


Shipping is USPS Priority $8.45 Flat Rate USA only (aut. added at checkout)

Upgraded Insurance Available

International Orders ship USPS Priority with tracking and insured up to $200.00

6 - 12 business days (varies per destination)

For more information contact us

Eiko・Yasuki Steel・13/16・Japan

  • Due to the global pandemic International shipping delays are to be expected. Please be patient while your shipment is in transit. It will eventually arrive but depending your country, customs and postal service, it can take much longer than expected. We are living in unprecedented times. Thank you for understanding.

  • USPS is temporarily suspending priority mail and other shipping services with deliveries to many countries like New Zealand, Australia and 19 other countries due to an unavailability of transportation related to the covid-19 pandemic. 

    The only International shipping option available is Express International. Until further notice Express will be the only option available to choose from when shipping international.

    You are always free to contact us so we can check and see if the less expensive Priority International is available for your country.

    Thank you for understanding.

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