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Dubl Duck  Lifetime Reaper - Bresnick N.Y. - Germany

I am selling several vintage razors from a collector in Switzerland.
This is a vintage Dubl Duck Lifetime Reaper. This is considered amongst afficionados and collectors the rarest Dubl Duck razor and the holy grail because they are very rare. It is a highly sought after straight razor. There is an even more rare Dubl Duck Napoleon which is from around 1920's but very few were sold so finding one in your lifetime would really be like finding a needle in a haystack. This Lifetime reaper started out by Bresnick New York which is the oldest company from the 1920's. The Dubl Ducks were renamed to Bresduck (ca. 1930 - 1952) and later to Pearlduck (ca. 1947 - 1952).


Shipping is USPS Priority $7.05 Flat Rate USA only (aut. added at checkout)

Upgraded Insurance Available

International Orders ship USPS Priority with tracking and insured up to $200.00

6 - 12 business days (varies per destination)

For more information contact us

Dubl Duck Lifetime Reaper - Bresnick N.Y. - Germany

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