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Tim Zowada・7/8・Damascus・Birdseye Maple

I am selling several razors from a straightrazor user and collector located in Switzerland.

This is a Tim Zowada Custom in beautiful condition. 

7/8, Birdeye Maple scales, Barber's Notch, Worked Spine, Near Wedge, made in the USA.


The razor shaves hair from my forearm effortlesly and passes the hanging hair test so I would say it's shave ready but if in doubt you can always order a honing service and it will be re-honed. Personally I don't think it's necessary.


Pricing includes USA shipping. Insurance is optional.

International Orders ship USPS Priority with tracking and insured up to $200.00

6 - 12 business days (varies per destination)

For added insurance if required contact us

Tim Zowada・7/8・Damascus・Birdseye Maple

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