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'Sē'bŭm Gold' - The Gold Standard

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Sē'bŭm Gold SG Customs Max Sprecher

For those that are not familiar with Sē'bŭm Gold, they offer a luxury palm free & nickel free soap and a balanced epidermal ecosystem post-shave serum. All made from natural ingredients.

Rick the owner offers a service that lets you create your own scent and shaving set, tailored to your taste and skin type, called the SG customs Service. There are basically two main packages to choose from. The basic and deluxe. There is a third option which lets you special order an essential oil sample kit. You also have the option to order a previously commissioned shaving set.

Occasionally you will be offered a spare set from a recent commission. Those are ready to ship so you don't have to wait the standard 45 days it takes to make a set from scratch.

I opted for the deluxe service package as this gave me the option to co-create my own individual shaving set of both the soap and post-serum. It also offers the biggest selection of essential oils and every other option available. Rick will personally consult with you to guide and suggest what will work for your particular skin type. Rick is extremely patient and knowledgeable so you are in good hands.

SG Customs Max Sprecher Shave Of The Day

You'll receive a sample kit with your choice of 6 essential oils, 6 test strips, 6 pipettes, 3 blending test batch vials and a pair of nitrile gloves. I opted for the 12 essential oils for my personal shaving set which is a minor upgrade. Now the fun begins as you'll start mixing and blending your essential oils all with Rick's help and guidance. When you are finally happy with your blend you will let Rick know the final ratio of drops used per essential oil of your choice. Then the waiting begins while Rick will start working on your shaving set. This will take several weeks as the soap and serum needs curing. When everything is ready Rick will make sure to securely ship out your shaving set. The whole process is not only fun but was very educational to me.

Not only am I extremely satisfied with the whole experience but I get to enjoy my own scented shaving set paired with the coolest looking packaging. It doesn't get any better.

Sē'bŭm Gold Latte, Green, Gold, Purple and SG Customs

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